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Our Adult Classes

koto ryu (7)

  • Experience the “Art of Winning” in life.
  • Know how mastering basic skills can change their life.
  • Learn the secret traditions and strategies that give them an edge in the workplace.
  • Find a great source for Leadership, Teamwork, Discipline, Fitness and Focus.
  • Experience rapid development of mind, body, and spirit AND improvement of all aspects of life!

Our Kids Classes

Lee Seigan

  • Defeat Self-doubt and Insecurity.
  • Obtain a Sense of Challenge & Accomplishment.
  • Improve Balance and Coordination.
  • Increase mental focus, helping them get better grades.
  • Exude self confidence.

Want this to be YOUR kids? Our classes can help develop the potential that lies within each child. Our instructor really cares about each student. Your child will not be another number in a crowd and will receive individual and personal attention.

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